Needs Assessment - A VLab Workshop

The VLab Support Team is considering hosting a virtual workshop consisting of 1) 2 hours of user talks on how they are leveraging VLab services, 2) 2 hours of VLab Support Team tutorials on how to use VLab tools, and 3) an hour long discussion of what's next for the VLab.  The workshop would be conducted online using GoToMeeting webinar.  This survey attempts to assess the level of interest and support for such a workshop.  Please complete this short survey to let us know what you think about the idea of having an online VLab workshop.

Please indicate whether or not you support the idea of a VLab workshop?

Provide us comments on the value of a virtual workshop for VLab users.

How likely are you to attend a workshop dedicated to the VLab?

Enter any qualifying remarks regarding your attendance

We'd like VLab users to share the ways they use the VLab to help get work done. How willing are you to give a 15 minute talk on your use of the VLab?

Let us know your thoughts on giving a presentation on how you use the VLab.

During the proposed virtual workshop, the VLab Support Team could give tutorials on topics of interest to users. Select all the topics that interest you.

Enter any tutorial topics you'd like on the workshop agenda that are not listed above.