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Provide a common, virtual, interactive environment for a diverse field of NOAA/NWS personnel, and ultimately partners, to collaborate and exchange innovative ideas, concepts, research, and science and technology information.


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Child Articles (8)

  • Training Resources

    Introduction This page provides access to training material that will enable you to learn about the VLab and its capabilities. Introductory Material VLab Fundamentals for Users - This Commerce...

  • User Profile Page

    Introduction The VLab user profile is a collaboration solution that allows users to communicate their skills and interests while at the same time searching for other VLab users with certain skills...

  • What's New In VLab-DXP

    Introduction This page describes some of the changes that community members and owners will experience in the latest version of the VLab Note 1. This overview is divided into a section addressing...

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Virtual Lab Science Sharing You Make The Call Development Services PART I. Virtual Lab (VLab) 1. What is the purpose of this site? The VLab aims to provide all NOAA meteorologists, hydrologists,...

  • Glossary

    A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z A B Blog A discussion consisting of discrete entries displayed in reverse chronological order. The VLab supports blogs within communities --...

  • VLab Community vs Google Site

    Introduction This page describes the differences between VLab communities and Google sites. Discussion VLab is an over-arching framework that supports R2O-O2R. It is the designated NWS...

  • VLab Landing Page

    Introduction The VLab Landing page is where users arrive when they first log into the VLab. From the landing page, users can visit communities to which they belong, search for content contained in...

  • VLab Uses

    The VLab can be used to do an almost limitless number things. That said, you can review the following list to get a sense of common activities you might leverage the VLab to help perform.