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Collaboration Communities

Mission Statement

Offer a platform that allows all NWS (and related NOAA agency) staff the ability to work together virtually, regardless of physical location, which promotes teamwork.


Supports formal and informal collaboration to pursue innovation projects, thereby reducing time and cost of transitions of NOAA field innovations to enterprise operations.


The Collaboration Communities section aims to:

  1. Minimize redundancy and leverage complementary skill sets
  2. Support informal collaboration
  3. Promotes a NOAA culture based on trust


Acceptable submissions to the Collaboration Communities site include:

  1. Request to join an existing community
  2. Request to create a new community (Users will need to read through the available community names and descriptions to ensure that they are not requesting a community that already exists.)
  3. Participate in discussion forums.
  4. Share expertise on a topic in your community via a blog.
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