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Community Owners

Community owners have the roles and permissions to manage content and membership within their community. The guidance in this section help owners use the tools and features available to help make their community and effective collaboration resource.

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Child Articles (7)

  • Managing Community Memberships

    Community owners can add and remove VLab users to/from their communites. This section describes how to accomplish these membership managmenet tasks.

  • Roles and Permissions

    Community owners can use roles and permission to control access to community content and functionality.

  • Managing Pages and Portlets

    Community owners can create, delete, and configure a number of types of pages. The owner can then add portlets to the pages so as to provide the community member with content and functionality.

  • Portlet Guidance

    The VLab offers a number of portlets that most community owners will find beneficial. This section describes these portlets and their configuration.

  • Web Content

    Web content is key to disseminating information within many communities and is created by the owners for display throughout their site.

  • Link to External Content

    VLab users can view and interact with Google documents and YouTube videos directly from VLab community pages. This section describes how this integration is accomplished.

  • Changing Look and Feel

    Community owners and administrators can change the appearance and functionality visible to users. This section introduces site managers to the techniques they can use to alter the community's look...