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The VLab uses a consistent set of navigation elements across the site. The image below summarizes most of what you will see in the top portion of the VLab Communities pages.  Each number in the image below is explained further below.

If you do not see some of these elements in your display, it likely means you do not have the corresponding permissions for the current Community displayed.

  1. Control Panel (aka Product Menu):  This provides access to Account, Community, and Administration controls
  2. Home: Takes you to the main VLab Community landing page.  Shown in yellow in the image above, the house icon, the NOAA Logo and "Virtual Lab" text all three link to the landing page.
  3. Communities: Takes you to a list interface, where you can choose between Recent Communities you have visited, and the entire list of Communities for which you are  a member.
  4. Edit Controls: Toggle whether you will see the Edit options and animations for the various editable portions of the pages.
  5. Community Name:  The title of the community.  When clicked,m it will bring you to the landing page for the currently displayed community.
  6. Community Pages Status:  If the community has both Public and Private pages, this label will appear and tell you which you are currently viewing, and when clicked, will take you to the other set of pages.  Example: "Public" means you are viewing the Public pages, and if you click it, it will take you to the Private pages.
  7. Navigation Bar / Page Bar:  This lists the visible pages for the community.  Clicking the various labels will take you to the corresponding pages in the community.
  8. VLab Resources:  This will provide a menu where you can click and navigate to other VLab resources, such as Redmine, Code Review (aka Gerrit), and Jenkins.
  9. VLab Help:  Takes you to the VLab Help pages, where you can find things like self-help guidance, opportunities to provide feedback to the VLab Support Team, and ways to request assistance from the VLab Support Team (including requests for Demos and Consultations).
  10. Account Access: If your account has an avatar, the avatar will be displayed here (although we cannot guarantee yours will be as handsome as the one used in the example image above :)  ).  If you have not provided an avatar image, letters from your user name will be the avatar used.  Clicking this will open the Control Panel (aka Product Menu) and open the Account section, where you can manage your VLab account.
  11. Notifications:  If you have received any notifications, the number will be displayed here.  Clicking this will take you to your account's Notifications section (in the Control Panel (aka Product menu) ).
  12. Page Configuration:  This will quickly take you to the configuration interface for the currently viewed Page.  You can also get to this via the Control Panel (aka Product Menu).
  13. Add Portlets:  Clicking the "+" will open up the right-sidebar where you can find and add various portlets to the currently displayed page, either as applications of pieces for pre-prepared Content.
  14. Device Simulator: Can resize the usable display area in your browser in order to simulate various devices (ie: phone, tablet) in order to see how all of the graphical elements get displayed on devices with different screen-estate.
  15. Search:  Mouse-hovering over the Search icon will open the search entry and control widgets, where you can provide search criteria, which can then be applied over Everything (all of VLCS) or only This Community.  Search will check for text matches in resource titles, tags, and content (though each piece of content may be configured to exclude itself from search results).
  16. Busy Bar:  Shown in green in the image above, when VLab is busy doing some work for you, you will see a blue animated line repeatedly streak across the very top few pixels if the page.  This will cease when the work is done.
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