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Adding a Timeline to a VLab Page

TimelineJS is famous for easy-to-make, beautiful timelines.  These instructions will step you through the process of adding a timeline to a VLab community page.  

Creating a timeline involves 2 steps: 

  1. Adding individual timeline event entries.
  2. Adding a timeline display to a page

How to add the individual timeline entries

  1. Go to your community
  2. Click on "Menu" toggle icon in upper left to open the product menu 

    Screenshot of selecting web content folder

  3. Expand the "Content" Section under your community
  4. Click on Web Content and navigate to the folder where you want to store the timeline entries.  You can create a new subfolder if needed.
  5. Click on the large blue + on the bottom right and select "Timeline Event Web Structure"

    Screenshot of Web content structure selection dialog
  6. Add the following elements using the below image for locations where the elements are rendered in the timelineScreenshot of a Timeline with labels of the components
    1. Title
    2. Start Date Year
    3. Start Date Month (optional)
    4. Start Date Day (optional)
    5. End Date Year, Month, Day (optional)
    6. Headline - Headline displayed in the timeline
    7. Text - Text below the headline displayed in the timeline
    8. Media - URL - Displays image found at link - Link points to outside resource or upload an image to VLab through documents and media "content" and link to the internal file (optional)
    9. Media - Caption - caption displays below image/video at URL (optional)
    10. Media - Credit - if pulling image or video from elsewhere give the other site credit - displays the credit right below the media (optional)
    11. Media - Thumbnail - thumbnail shown in the timeline (optional)
    12. Media - Alt - alt tag used with the image (optional)
  7. Add a tag of "draft" if you aren't ready to have the timeline entry display within the timeline display.  
  8. Click on "Publish" to save
  9. Repeat procedures 5-7 for each timeline entry

How to add a timeline display to a community page

  1. Go to a community page that you want to add the timeline display
  2. Add an Asset Publisher portlet to the page you want the timeline displayed on:
  3. Make sure that Asset Selection is "Dynamic", Asset Type is "Web Content Article", and Web Content Article Structures is set to "Timeline Event Web Structure".
  4. If you want the timeentry to display immediately, move to step 5.  Otherwise, click on filter and select "Does not Contain".  Set the tag to "draft" and hit "enter" if you don't want the timeline entry to display at this time.: Screenshot of setting the tag to "draft"
  5. You are done!  Confirm that the timeline entries work as expected.  

How to add additional timeline entries to an existing timeline

  1. Follow the guidance under “How to add the individual timeline entries
  2. You are done!  Confirm that the timeline entries work as expected.  
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