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The VLab user profile is a collaboration solution that allows users to communicate their skills and interests while at the same time searching for other VLab users with certain skills or interests.

Accessing Your Profile

To access your Profile on in the Control Menu click on the arrow located on the right of your name. Then in the drop-down list select “My Profile” (red square below).

Managing Your Profile

  1. Click on the Edit Profile link (See Red 1 in the image below) Note 1
  2. Enter your information in the "Job Title", "About Me", and "Work Organization" fields
  3. By clicking on the "Categorization" link on the right side of the page, you can categorize yourself using "Categories", and "tags". By describing yourself in terms of categories and tags, you enable the VLab search engine to match you when other users search for a particular keyword
  4. After you have made all your updates to your profile, click


  1. To change your picture, see the "My Accounts" link located in the same drop-down menu as the "My Profile" menu item.
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