VLab User Guide

VLab Training

This page provides access to training material that will enable you to learn about the VLab and its capabilities.

Introductory Material

  1. VLab Fundamentals for Users - This Commerce Learning Center training, which will require you to authenticate with your NOAA credentials, was developed by the Warning Decision Training Division and provides a comprehensive introduction to the VLab for VLab Community users, including useful information about access, visibility, and navigation. The companion VLab jobsheet steps users through navigating the VLab to identify their default local VLab Community, other Communities, Projects, the NOAA Projects Registry, and some of the NWS collaborative spaces. The jobsheet also steps through joining a new Community.
  2. VLab Introductory Webinar - A 1 hour video that includes a VLab overview presentation followed by a demo of the VLab. This demo was originally presented on April 2, 2018.

  3. VLab-DXP Orientation Demo - A 47 minute video that includes a demo of the VLab-DXP and how it differs from its predecessor. This demo was originally presented on April 9, 2018.

Feature Specific Training

  1. AWIPS Interactive Reference (AIR) (NOTE: The collaboration services portion of this content is under revision- This OCLO developed training provides training and jobsheets on AIR.  Look for the training within the "Other VLab-Related Training and References" section of the page.


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