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You Make The Call


You-Make-The-Call was initially designed/evaluated in the NWS Southern Region by Jeff Cupo (currently MIC, WFO Mobile, AL), in collaboration with Pete Wolf (SOO, WFO Jacksonville, FL) and Southern Region HQ (STSD).

Mission Statement

You-Make-The-Call (YMTC) is an initiative that provides NOAA meteorologists, hydrologists, and support staff (electronics, IT, management) a means to share interesting observations, techniques, operational decisions, etc., encouraging effective data utilization, interpretation, decision-making, and situational awareness, in a manner that yields a training opportunity for others.


YMTC is a complementary program to the Science Sharing portion of the VLab that:

  1. Allows for shorter, more focused submissions
  2. Aims for submissions to be in a form that serves as a training opportunity for others
  3. Allows all NOAA staff, including meteorologists, hydrologists, climatologists, and support staff (e.g., electronics, IT, management) the ability to participate, regardless of budget or work schedule issues


View a video on You Make the Call


What can be submitted to YMTC:

  1. Brief results of studies
  2. Segments of papers or presentations, presented in a training format
  3. Interesting utilization of tools, techniques, technologies in support of improved data utilization or interpretation, decision-making, and situational awareness
  4. Illustrations of issues associated with tools, techniques, technologies
  5. Items relevant to operations and the Strategic Plan
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