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GFE Procedure to Compare Obs and URMA

The procedure available here allows you to compare your Obs database in GFE against URMA (also in your GFE) at any point in your domain as defined by lat/lon for a date range of your choosing. To install this procedure, do so using the "Import File" function under the Localization perspective. The only edit you should need to make, if you like, is the default lat/lon when the GUI opens. The procedure can be found under the Verify menu in GFE. When run, it queries the database and construct a comparison chart with useful statistics. If you wish to save the chart, use the "Disk" icon in the plot GUI to save it to a location of your choice. There is also the option to dump the Obs/URMA point values to a text file in a location of your choice. Feedback and suggestions for improvement are welcome!