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AWIPS Technical Library - Frequently Asked Questions

AWIPS Tech Lib - Frequently Asked Questions

1) Can I distribute the AWIPS II source code?

The AWIPS II source code and binaries (rpms) linked from the AWIPS Technical Library are considered to be in the public domain.  Everyone is free to download, modify, distribute, or share AWIPS II in any form (original or modified).

NOTE:  The "full" version of AWIPS II, including the proprietary binLightning and FSI code, is NOT available to the general public.  That version will not be linked from the AWIPS Technical Library.

2) The AWIPS II Thin Client software is designed to run on a Windows platform.  Can I get the .msi or .exe files needed to install it?

The Windows version of Thin Client uses the same source code as is delivered with the AWIPS II releases.

The scripts used to create the .msi and .exe files are considered to be proprietary, and thus are not distributed with the AWIPS II release.  Downloaders are responsible for creating their own scripts to create the .msi and/or .exe files for the Windows Thin Client.

3) Where can I find the AWIPS System Monitor, NWRWAVES, HWR, and other software which is not included with the source code in the ADE or in any of the RPMs?

These software applications/modules are collectively known as "Rehosted Code".  They are considered to be baseline applications, however they were not fully integrated into the AWIPS II infrastructure during the migration from AWIPS I.  These applications are bundled with each AWIPS II release, and can be found in the "REHOST_CODE" directory within the main compressed tar file (e.g., awips2-14.4.1-NBL.tgz).  As usual, all AWIPS II software can be found by clicking on the "AWIPS II Software Download" menubar item near the top of the AWIPS Technical Library page.

4) Can you provide the Continuity of Operations plans for AWIPS II?

With system as large and complex as AWIPS/AWIPS II, it would not be very productive to document this.  Videos shown during AWIPS Industry Day...along with the documentation posted here on the AWIPS Technical form a picture of these plans.

5) Can you provide details on the plans to incorporate the National Water Center (Tuscaloosa, AL) into the AWIPS network?

As of August 2014, there are no formal plans to integrate the National Water Center as an operational AWIPS (software, hardware, or comms) site.  Thus there is no current requirement regarding the number of users or data requirements.

6) What are the plans and requirements for the integration of the 22 Central Weather Service Units (CWSUs) into AWIPS?

Plans are currently under development.  Expect details to be included in the AWIPS Request For Proposals (RFP).

7) What are the plans and requirements for the integration of the Tsunami Warning Centers (TWCs) into AWIPS?

At this point, the requirements are indefinite.  However preliminary information suggests that the hardware profile will be a slimmed down version of that which is at a Weather Forecast Office (WFO).  Further details will be forthcoming and will be added to this Tech Library when they become available.

8) How do we get access to canned data for use with AWIPS?

Canned data for AWIPS may be accessed HERE.  Please note that this is not the complete set of data available to operational AWIPS sites.  Some data (including proprietary data such as binLightning, hi-res ECMWF, and MDCRS observations) are not included at the canned data site.

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