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 The Model Evaluation Group (MEG) community is established to interact with the user community on issues related to the forecast systems of NCEP's Environmental Modeling Center (EMC).    It is used to discuss overall model performance and provide feedback on operational and parallel versions of the models which comprise the production suite.



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angle-left RE: 00Z 2-m Temps consistently colder in FV3 over higher terrain
Corey Guastini, modified 8 Months ago.

RE: 00Z 2-m Temps consistently colder in FV3 over higher terrain

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The front pushing through is a neat case. Perhaps related to Jack's post showing colder temperatures pushing south in the GFS, the GFS also has more snow along the southern end of the boundary moving through OH and PA. The differences are subtle, but the GFS has historically forecast too much snow.

A note on the ptype plots. I assign an integer value to the 4 precipitation types, 1 corresponding to the generally coldest temperature profile (snow) and 4 corresponding to the warmest (rain). The difference plot is a subtraction of GFS from FV3, so red indicates where the FV3 had rain and the GFS had frozen precipitation. The difference field is only plotted at those points where both the GFS and FV3 forecast precipitation.