EMC Strategic Vision

EMC Strategic Vision

The fundamental mission of the NCEP/NWS Environmental Modeling Center (EMC), in close collaboration with our partners and stakeholders, is to maintain, enhance and transition-to-operations advanced numerical guidance systems for the Nation's weather/water/climate enterprise and the global community for the protection of life/property and the enhancement of the economy. To that end, and reflecting our vision to be one of the world's best and most trusted providers of numerical guidance, EMC is committed to a multi-year plan to use the NOAA Next Generation Global Prediction System (NGGPS) as the foundation upon which to build a unified modeling system for the future NCEP Production Suite. The envisioned end state would be a simplified production suite under this unified framework using a single dynamic core (the Finite Volume Cubed-Sphere (FV3)) for all temporal and spatial model scales which is fully coupled and ensemble-based. By its active participation in the NGGPS Strategic Implementation Plan Working Groups, EMC is fully engaged with the nation's weather/water/climate community in all aspects of the project, from research/development to testing and validation.

A high-level overview of EMC's vision and how it adheres to the overarching NOAA Unified Forecast System (UFS) framework is outlined in the EMC Director's presentation at the 2017 NCEP Production Suite Review on December 4, 2017. Short-term activities are outlined in the 2018-2020 EMC Implementation Plan, which describes the major EMC development and implementation projects for this time frame, how those fit within the broader NOAA Strategic Vision and Roadmap for modeling, and how EMC projects link with other model-related projects internally within NOAA and with the broader U.S. modeling community, such as ths FY19-21 NWS Strategic Implementation Plan (SIP) for the evolution of NGGPS into a National Unified Modeling System.

EMC Director

Dr. Brian Gross