Strategic and Implementation Plans

Plan Year Released  
NOAA Next Generation Strategic Plan (Executive Summary) 2010  
2015-2019 NCEP Strategic Plan 2015  
2015 National Space Weather Strategy 2015  
2014 NGGPS Implementation Plan
2017 NGGPS Implementation Plan 2017  
2018 EMC 3-Year Implementation Plan 2018  

FY19-FY21 Unified Forecast System Strategic Implementation Plan  



Presentation Venue and Date
Unified Forecast System Governance January 31, 2018, Strategic Implementation Plan Coordination Meeting
NCEP Production Suite Science/Strategic Presentation March 24, 2016, WGNE Meeting
Next Generation Global Prediction System (NGGPS) August 4, 2015, UMAC Meeting
NCEP/EMC Climate Modeling Capabilities and the Transition Process April 19, 2010, Joint NCEP/CPO Workshop