How To Access

How To Access The Model, Pre-processing, and Workflow Repositories

FV3GFS Component Repositories

The FV3GFS system is maintained on both GitHub and NOAA VLab in several component repositories:

  1. global-workflow - workflow, top level which combines system components and includes parameter files and utility codes
  2. UFS Weather Model - FV3GFS forecast model, which is a combination of the NEMS (infrastructure) and FV3 (forecast model) repositories
    1. NEMS & FMS - infrastructure components
    2. FV3 - forecast model
    3. WW3 - Wave Watch III, wave model
    4. Stochastic Physics
  3. GSI - Data assimilation component (VLab)
  4. GLDAS - Global Land Data Assimilation System
  5. UPP - Unified Post Processor component
  6. WAFS - World Area Forecast System
  7. MET+ - Model Evaluation Tools (VLab)

How to access FV3GFS repositories

We are transitioning our codes to GitHub. Most repositories have moved but some still reside within VLab. Repositories on GitHub do not require an access request, they are available publicly. If you need to request access to the GSI (ProdGSI) repository please contact Mark Potts (