Training 2018

GFDL and EMC held an initial FV3 training targeted towards technical developers; the goal of this initial training was to focus on the detailed description of  the FV3GFS forecast model (dynamic core, solver and physics) and various utilities, and testing of the FV3GFS  for global atmospheric applications. A demo on how to run FV3GFS using the FV3GFS workflow including post processing and verification was also part of this training.

The FV3 initial training was conducted at NCWCP/NCEP in College Park, Maryland from Tuesday June 12 through Thursday June 14, 2018.

FV3 Dycore session 1 Presenters
FV3 Overview, FV3 solver and structure GFDL/Lucas Harris 
Vertical re-mapping and mass conservation in GEOS NASA/GMAO/Bill Putman
Variable-resolution in FV3 Nesting/Stretching GFDL/Lucas Harris
GFDL MP Microphysics & consistency with FV3 dynamics GFDL/S.J. Lin
FMS Overview GFDL/Rusty Benson
Infrastructure/Utilities Session  
NEMS EMC/Mark Iredell
Global Chgres EMC/George Gayno
Orography maker EMC/Jordan Alpert
FV3 tool sets and diagnostics GFDL/Rusty Benson
FV3 write grid component EMC/Jun Wang
IPD/ dyn-phy coupling infrastructure GFDL/Rusty Benson
Radiation and stratospheric O3 and H2O EMC/S. Moorthi
Shallow/deep moist convection EMC/Qingfu Liu
PBL/turbulence (EDMF) EMC/Ruiyu Sun
Gravity wave drag EMC/Jordan Alpert
M Land surface physics EMC/Jesse Meng
Stochastic Physics ESRL/PSD/Phil Pegion
Data Assimilation for FV3 EMC/Cathy Thomas
Code Management, Workflow, Documentation & Demo  
Code Management/Repositories EMC/Jun Wang
Workflow including initial conditions generation, physics namelist, forecast config, post proc,
and verification
EMC/Fanglin Yang
Demo EMC/Kate Friedman
Documentation and Community page EMC/Kate Friedman