The Global Forecast System The Global Forecast System

The Global Forecast System (GFS) is a global numerical weather prediction system containing a global computer model and variational analysis run by the U.S. National Weather Service (NWS).

The mathematical model is run four times a day, and produces forecasts for up to 16 days in advance, with decreased spatial resolution after 10 days. The model is a spectral model with a resolution of T1534 from 0 to 240 hours (0-10 days) and T574 from 240 to 384 hours (10-16 days). In the vertical, the model is divided into 64 layers and temporally, it produces forecast output every hour for the first 12 hours, every 3 hours out to 10 days, and every 12 hours after that.


Global Branch Chief - Vijay Tallapragada

Website and Experiment Help - Kate Howard

Global Forecast System Documents Global Forecast System Documents

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Recent Implementations & RFCs Recent Implementations & RFCs

RFC #3047 – global_shared v13.0.7

ATMS bias correction was successfully spun up, so the ATMS data has been restored to active mode. Implemented on March 16 at 1400Z.

RFC #3000 – global_shared v13.0.6 - On WCOSS, update the global_shared code to v13.0.6, which includes the following:

1) a minor GSI fix file change ( /fix/global_convinfo.txt ) to switch Meteosat-7 (satid=54) to monitor mode and switch Meteosat-8 (satid=55) to active mode to prepare for decontamination of Meteosat-7 AMV data on 9-14 March 2017 and final termination on 31 March 2017, 0900Z.

2) temporarily switch ATMS to monitor mode on or before the scheduled calibration change of ATMS data on March 8, 2017. To be implemented on March 8 at 1400Z.

RFC #2658 – GFS/global_shared v13.0.5 – Yearly update to CO2 global distribution data

This is a necessary yearly update to add new CO2 global distribution data processed from the most recent station measurements to the GFS, NAM, DGEX, GEFS, HIRESW, and SREF. To be implemented on December 13 at 1240Z.

Future Implementation Plans Future Implementation Plans

Planned for Q3FY17:
  • Transition to NOAA Environmental Modeling System (NEMS) version of GFS using ESMF
  • Updated physics, land surface model, sea ice, SST, etc.

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