Project Registry User Guide


  1. Portlet

    An application used on a portal webpage to display information or perform some function.

  2. Project (Also Research & Development Project)

    Any research and development undertaking of a temporary nature to create a service, product, system, and/or system upgrade in support of a validated NOAA Mission Requirement. Sub-components of a larger R&D effort or program should be each considered individual R&D projects. The maturity of an R&D project is defined by its TRL level (See below). A single R&D project can have only one TRL level assigned to it. An R&D project can have only one project owner (From NAO 216-108 - Reference 2, Section 6-10).

  3. Project Status

    The project's current status within the registry. A project can have the following status:

    Status Definition
    Pending Project submitted to Projects Registry – awaiting approval
    Active Project submitted to Projects Registry - approved
    Completed Project successfully transitioned
    Terminated Project ended. No transition
    Dormant Project owner has not confirmed project status in over 12 months
    Review Project owner needs to review the contents of the project and make updates as appropriate. Owners should pay particular attention to the readiness level and any need to update it.


  4. Technical Readiness Levels (TRLs)

    A systematic metric/measurement system that supports assessments of the maturity of a particular technology and allows the consistent comparison of maturity between different types of technology. The concept of technical readiness levels is not limited to technology and can be applied to assess and compare the maturity of a variety of research projects.

    A Technical Readiness Level (TRL) should be assigned to all R&D projects in order to establish a NOAA common “language” and baseline for the maturity of R&D projects. The TRL scheme adopted by NOAA is that developed by NASA and used by several other federal agencies, including the Department of Defense and the Department of Energy. Their definitions are:

    TRL Definition
    TRL 1 Basic principles observed and reported
    TRL 2 Technology concept and/or application formulated
    TRL 3 Analytical and experimental critical function and/or characteristic proof-of-concept
    TRL 4 Component/subsystem validation in laboratory environment
    TRL 5 System/subsystem/component validation in relevant environment
    TRL 6 System/subsystem model or prototyping demonstration in a relevant end-to-end environment
    TRL 7 System prototyping demonstration in an operational environment
    TRL 8 Actual system completed and "mission qualified" through test and demonstration in an operational environment
    TRL 9 Actual system "mission proven" through successful mission operations

    TRLs 1-2 are nominally considered Research, TRLs 3-5 are Development, TRLs 6-8 are Demonstration, and 9 is Deployment, Implementation, or Operational Transition.