WFO Grand Rapids Hosts Annual IRIS Team Meeting

Oct 07, 2019

Photo of The IRIS team at WFO Grand Rapids

The IRIS team met the week of October 7 at WFO Grand Rapids for three days of discussions concerning the upcoming year's development. This team is organized under the Decision Support Branch of the Meteorological Development Lab, but is a hybrid team of both MDL and field developers.

During the meeting, the evolution of IRIS and iNWS over the upcoming year was discussed, with a target goal of releasing modernized versions of these systems in January 2021.

Recently, a lot of work has been focused on moving development onto cloud-based systems, which provides users and testers the opportunity to provide feedback during a development process cycle (as opposed to after a development process cycle). A milestone was reached early in the meeting as the modernized code was successfully run in the cloud. The team had in-depth discussions concerning IDSS logging, partner management, event submission, impact management, and new opportunities to link iNWS and IRIS in order to provide seamless IDSS services. 

The IRIS team would like to thank the staff of WFO Grand Rapids for their gracious hospitality.

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