GMOS Weather Grid

Attention users: Dissemination of all Gridded Model Output Statistics (GMOS) products is planned to be terminated on or about Tuesday, November 5, 2019, after the 1200 UTC model cycle time. More information can be found at Service Change Notification 19-28

Experimental GFS GMOS Weather Grid Products

GFS-GMOS Gridded Weather products are produced for CONUS and Alaska twice daily (00Z and 12Z model cycles), for forecasts 6-192 hours in advance

The GMOS Weather Grid suite of data includes the following products:

  • Predominant Weather (Wx)
  • Precipitation Potential
  • Thunderstorm Potential
  • Severe Weather Potential
  • Precipitation Intensity
  • liquid precipitation potential
  • freezing precipitation potential
  • frozen precipitation potential

Additionally, for validation purposes, observed weather and comparison (against the NDGD) products are currently being produced.

For more information, please see the Gridded Weather FAQ.

Note:  While we are transitioning our web pages, products marked with an (*) link to product pages on the old system. Products on those pages are up-to-date, but links on those pages may go to old information or may be broken. Thank you for your patience!

GFS GMOS Weather Grid CONUS 2.5km *

GFS GMOS Weather Grid CONUS link


GFS GMOS Weather Grid Alaska 3km *

GFS GMOS Weather Grid Alaska link

Data Download

Experimental  GRIB2 binary files are being produced. These data are updated daily. Information about GRIB2 file format and headers can be found on the About page. 

All data currently downloadable at: *