NBM GRIB Weather Elements

NBM v3.1 Weather Elements in Grib2 Format

Currently Available Elements 

The following weather elements are currently available (not all elements are available at all times or for all regions):

To find grib2 charactersistics for these elements, please visit NBM Grib2 Characteristics Pages

Elements marked with ** are new or have modified grib2 characteristics as of March 9, 2018

  • apparent temperature (appt)
  • ceiling height (cig)
  • lowest cloud base (cldbse)
  • dew point (dewp)
  • 3-hour probability of dry thunder (dryts03)**
  • 18 dBZ echo top height (echotop)**
  • 1-hour flat ("total") ice accumulation (flatice01)**
  • 6-hour flat ("total") ice accumulation (flatice06)**
  • 1-hour line ice accumulation (lineice01)**
  • 6-hour line ice accumulation (lineice06)**
  • low-level wind shear direction (llwsdir)**
  • low-level wind shear height (llwshgt)**
  • low-level wind shear speed (llwspd)**
  • 6-hour maximum Fosberg fire weather index (maxffwi)**
  • 6-hour maximum Haines Index (maxhi)**
  • 1-hour 1km maximum reflectivity (maxref)**
  • maximum relative humidity (maxrh)
  • maximum temperature (maxt)
  • minimum relative humidity (minrh)
  • minimum temperature (mint)
  • mixing height (mixhgt)**
  • maximum wetbulb temperature aloft (mxwbalft)**
  • negative energy of near surface cold layer (negengy)**
  • 1-hour probability of precipitation (pop01)**
  • 6-hour probability of precipitation (pop06)**
  • 12-hour probability of precipitation (pop12)
  • positive energy of warm nose aloft (posengy)**
  • 1-hour/6-hour precipitation potential index (ppi)** (See IS4.50 for details)
  • predominant weather (predomwx)**
  • conditional probability of freezing rain (prfzrn)
  • probability of cloud ice present (probiceprsnt)**
  • conditional probability of re-freezing sleet (probrefzslt)
  • conditional probability of rain (prrain)
  • conditional probability of sleet (prsleet)
  • conditional probability of snow (prsnow)
  • 1-hour probability of thunderstorms (ptsm01)**
  • 3-hour probability of thunderstorms (ptsm03)**
  • 12-hour probability of thunderstorms (ptsm12)**
  • calibrated 6-hour probability of precipitation (qmd_pop06)**
  • calibrated 12-hour probability of precipitation (qmd_pop12)**
  • calibrated 6-hour QPF (qmd_qpf06)**
  • 1-hour quantitative precipitation forecast (qpf01)
  • 6-hour quantitative precipitation forecast (qpf06)
  • relative humidity (rh)
  • significant wave height (sigwv)**
  • sky cover (sky)
  • 1-hour sleet accumulation (sleet01)**
  • 6-hour sleet accumulation (sleet06)**
  • snow liquid ratio (slrblend)**
  • 1-hour snow accumulation (snow01)**
  • 6-hour snow accumulation (snow06)**
  • snow level (snowlvl)**
  • temperature (temp)
  • transport wind direction (trwdir)**
  • transport wind speed (trwspd)**
  • vertically integrated liquid (vil)**
  • visibility (vis)
  • ventilation rate (vrate)**
  • wind direction (wdir)
  • wind gust (wgust)
  • wind speed (wspd)

  • oceanic 10 m wind gust: 50 percentile (gust_cdf-50p)**
  • oceanic mean sea level pressure: 10 percentile (mslp_cdf-10p)**
  • oceanic mean sea level pressure: 50 percentile (mslp_cdf-50p)**
  • oceanic mean sea level pressure: 90 percentile (mslp_cdf-90p)**
  • oceanic 2 m temperature: 50 percentile (temp_cdf-50p)**
  • oceanic visibility: 50 percentile (vis_cdf-50p)**
  • oceanic 10 m wind direction (wdir)** 
  • 10 m oceanic wind speed: 10 percentile (wspd_cdf-10p)** - limited distribution
  • 10 m oceanic wind speed: 25 percentile (wspd_cdf-25p)** - limited distribution 
  • 10 m oceanic wind speed: 50 percentile (wspd_cdf-50p)**
  • 10 m oceanic wind speed: 75 percentile (wspd_cdf-75p)**
  • 10 m oceanic wind speed: 90 percentile (wspd_cdf-90p)**
  • 30 m oceanic wind speed: 50 percentile (wspd_cdf-50p)**
  • 80 m oceanic wind speed: 50 percentile (wspd_cdf-50p)**

  • calibrated 6-hour QPF: 10 percentile (qmd_qpf06p10)**
  • calibrated 6-hour QPF: 50 percentile (qmd_qpf06p50)**
  • calibrated 6-hour QPF: 90 percentile (qmd_qpf06p90)**

Discontinued Weather Elements

To find grib2 characteristics for old products, please visit the Previous NBM Grib2 Characteristics pages

  • 3-hour probability of thunderstorms - original version (tstm03)
  • 6-hour probability of thunderstorms (tstm06)