Operational GMOS Suite

Attention users: Dissemination of all Gridded Model Output Statistics (GMOS) products is planned to be terminated on or about Tuesday, November 5, 2019, after the 1200 UTC model cycle time. More information can be found at Service Change Notification 19-28

GFS Standard Suite GMOS Operational and Transitional Products


As of July 18, 2017 5km resolution GMOS data have been discontinued and replaced with 2.5km resolution data. The FTP location for gmos data also has changed (see below for new url). Please update any bookmarks or code you may have.

These products are Operational and are produced on a regular schedule by NCEP Central Operations. They are shown as part of the National Digital Guidance Database framework. Transitional products are still being maintained by MDL until they can be fully implemented by the Operations teams. Both the Operational and Transitional include the same data suites, although update times and resolutions vary.

The following products are included in the suite:

  • temperature
  • dewpoint temperature
  • maxiumum temperature (24-hr)
  • minimum temperature (24-hr)
  • wind speed & direction
  • wind gust
  • 6-hr PoP
  • 12-hr PoP
  • 6-hr QPF
  • 12-hr QPF
  • 24-hr snowfall amt
  • sky cover
  • relative humidity
  • 3-hr T-storm probability
  • 6-hr T-storm probability
  • 12-hr T-storm probability
  • Conditional Probability of Rain (CPOR)
  • Conditional Probability of Snow (CPOS)
  • Conditional Probability of Freezing Rain/Sleet (CPOZ)
  • Precipitation Type
  • On-the-hour PoP (PoPO)
  • Precipitation Potential Index (PPI)
  • Predominant Weather

The full suite is included for CONUS products, but are more limited for Alaska and Hawaii.


Note:  While we are transitioning our web pages, products marked with an (*) link to product pages on the old system. Products on those pages are up-to-date, but links on those pages may go to old information or may be broken. Thank you for your patience!

Product Images

As of July 18, 2017 the 5km GMOS will be discontinued and replaced with the 2.5 km GMOS. Images can be viewed at the page below. (Not all elements may have images)

GFS GMOS CONUS/Alaska*image of GMOS temperature

Data Download

Messages can be found on NWS FTP Server (TGFTP). On this server, GRIB2 binary files are stored. These data are updated daily. Information about file format and headers can be found on the About page. 

Data Product Region Format URL
Operational 2.5km CONUS GMOS binary files CONUS GRIB2 ftp://tgftp.nws.noaa.gov/SL.us008001/ST.opnl/DF.gr2/DC.ndgd/GT.mosgfs/AR.conus/
Operational 3km Alaska GMOS binary files Alaska GRIB2 ftp://tgftp.nws.noaa.gov/SL.us008001/ST.expr/DF.gr2/DC.ndgd/GT.mosgfs/AR.alaska
Operational 2.5km Hawaii GMOS binary files Hawaii GRIB2 ftp://tgftp.nws.noaa.gov/SL.us008001/ST.expr/DF.gr2/DC.ndgd/GT.mosgfs/AR.hawaii