In Our Own Words...

As the National Weather Service celebrates its 150th Anniversary in 2020, NWS employees and retirees are sharing their own memories and thoughts about our heritage. Read their stories in their own words below.

We at the NWS Heritage Project can’t complete such an enormous task without you! Whether you’re a current or former employee of the NWS, your memories and stories help us better understand the history of our agency, how we got to where we are today, and where we will go next. If you’re interested in writing a story or even providing us with some background information on an event, technology, era, or other memory from your time at the NWS, please check out the following guide and forms:

  • Chris Stachelski (right) presents an award to the Newark Water District for 75 years of observations at their stations at Oak Ridge Reservoir and Canistear Reservoir in New Jersey in July 2019

    Chris Stachelski

    Here, in his own words, are those of Chris Stachelski, Regional Cooperative Observing and Climate Services Program Manager, NWS Eastern Region, Bohemia, NY.

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  • Rip Current - Courtesy of NOAA/NWS Video Lab

    Deborah Jones

    Here, in her own words, are those of Deborah Jones, Program Analyst for the Rip Currents and Beach Hazards Program at NWS Headquarters in Silver Spring, MD.

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  • Faith Borden holding a weather balloon

    Faith Borden

    Here, in her own words, are those of Faith Borden, Meteorologist at the NWS Weather Forecast Office in Nashville, TN.

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  • Alaska Volcano Observatory

    Kristine Johnson Nelson

    Here, in her own words, are those of Kristine Johnson Nelson, currently a Meteorologist with the NWS Operations Center in Silver Spring, MD.

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  • Ron Gird standing by a satellite

    Ron Gird

    Here, in his own words, are those of Ron Gird, a meteorologist specializing in education and outreach. Ron retired in 2017.

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