Here is some information about recent improvements in AWIPS builds worth noting:

  • AWIPS Build 20.2.1 Informational Overview in CLC (12min, coming soon)
  • Hazard Services Hydro Changes
    • River Pro hazard generation discontinued
    • Hydro HazSimp
      • Workstation will be setup for practice mode
      • Turnkey in May 2021
  • Multi-Color Station Plot Model (Fig)
  • Multi-panel Layouts (Fig)
  • Multi-color and Multi Line-style contouring (Fig)
  • Time looping changes
  • Display previous 3 model runs (Fig)
  • IBW changes
  • Radar
    • KGJX, KFSX, KDLH sites added to scan below 0.5 degrees
    • Dual pol raw products are now restored in data quality menu for stations that scan below 0.5 degrees (Fig)
  • FFMP Basin table works again
  • Satellite
    • Aerosol detection dust and smoke derived products automatically rename the editor tabs
    • "Alter" function in procedures to switch out satellite products (Fig)
  • Frame count display (Fig)
  • Can use AWIPS Interactive Reference (AIR) to access reference and training material from GFE, Hydro, and MPE perspectives (Fig)
  • GFE displays in D2D
  • Ingest and display National Blend of Models (NBM) v3.2 from Volume Browser (Fig)
  • New time looping options
    • Reverse
    • Refresh
  • ITOs and focal points
    • Addition of GOES-R composite products into NOAAPORT_OPT
    • BLU alerts added to HazCollectTrigger.template
    • Unified dictionary - Hazard Services, GFE, collaboration, text WS
    • Flag tdwrCollectionLimitedhas been removed from the Radar Server
    • FFMP broke previous build  - new fix, can restore ARIs workaround
    • Plot Model Manager

For questions or comments about AWIPS build training, please contact Michael Magsig at WDTD.

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Future Training-Related AWIPS Build Changes

Here is some information about upcoming improvements in AWIPS builds worth noting:


20.2.1 (Dec 2020)

  • DRs/DCSs, Hazard Services winter weather and hydro products hazard simplification

20.3.1 (Apr 2021)

  • System upgrade to include Python 3 (big impact to local apps)

21.3.1/21.4.1 (Summer/Fall 2021)

  • Hazard Services winter, long-fused marine and non-precipitation