AWIPS Warning-Related System Readiness Training

1. System Readiness Introduction

Following the deployment of AWIPS-2 in 2015, Central Processing has been releasing AWIPS builds on a quarterly basis each year with more frequent patches and security updates as required. The quarterly AWIPS builds typically contain numerous bug fixes, small enhancements, and an occasional large enhancement. To support maintaining system readiness skills with AWIPS for warning-related applications, WDTD maintains three different types of courses:

  1. Information Overviews
  2. Application-Specific Modules 
  3. AWIPS Convective Warning Fundamentals Course 

The informational overviews and application-specific modules are discrete and well suited for incorporation into system readiness curricula managed through the CLC. The AWIPS Convective Warning Fundamentals Course is a large course for new employees that is tailored for the Radar and Applications Course (RAC). Some of the materials in the course can be accessed online to supplement system readiness preparation, but the components are not yet organized in a way to be folded directly into system readiness curricula.

2. System Readiness Course Descriptions

  1. Informational Overviews
    • These short 10-15min modules are designed for all AWIPS users (forecasters and focal points) to take on shift each time a new AWIPS build is installed. They provide an overview of the significant changes in the build and contain a few slides for focal points so that all AWIPS users keep up with the significant AWIPS changes. Optional job sheets (not currently tracked in the CLC) are provided for some of the higher-impact small enhancements to get forecasters started using the new enhancements. 
      • Informational overviews summary
      • Past AWIPS build informational overviews
        • 16.1.1 (Jan 2016), 16.2.1 (Aug 2016), 16.2.2 (Sep 2016), 16.4.1 (Dec 2016), 17.1.1 (Mar 2017), 17.2.1 (Aug 2017), 17.3.1 (Apr 2018), 18.1.1 (Oct 2018)
      • Future AWIPS build informational overviews
        • 18.2.1 (Dec 2018), 19.1.1 (Apr 2019), 19.2.1 (Jul 2019), 19.3.1 (Oct 2019), 20.1.1 (Feb 2020)
  2. Applications-Specific Modules 
    • For significant small enhancements that have the potential for widespread use, standalone 20-30min training modules with a quiz in the CLC provide a complete introduction to the new enhancement. Job sheets typically address procedural knowledge. There are three different types of application modules: 
      • AWIPS Tracking Meteogram Tool (Sep 2015)
        • Forecasters who haven't taken this training before should take this training to learn how to create time trends of D2D data
      • Damage Path Tool (Sep 2016) - new tool to issue real-time damage polygons with comments to first responders via Damage Assessment Toolkit (DAT) or local website
        • Forecasters at an office that has committed to using the damage path tool to issue damage path areas for first responders should take this training if they haven't taken it before.
      • AWIPS hydro-related modules that are now maintained in WOC Flash Flood Seasonal Readiness course 
        • High-Resolution Precipitation Estimator (HPE) and Bias HPE (Feb 2015)
          • Forecasters with flash flood responsibility who have not taken this training should take the training to learn about the Dual-Pol upgrade for HPE/Bias HPE precip mosaic 
        • Intro to Average Recurrence Intervals (ARIs; Aug 2016)
          • Forecasters with flash flood responsibility who have not taken this training should take the training to learn about the precipitation frequency dataset called ARIs.
        • Using ARIs in AWIPS (Aug 2016) 
          • Forecasters with flash flood responsibility who have not taken this training should take the training to learn how to use ARIs in the Product Browser and FFMP.
  3. AWIPS Convective Warning Fundamentals Course materials 
    • This comprehensive (15-30hr) introduction to CAVE and the D2D perspective components supporting convective warnings provides a foundation for new AWIPS users and experienced forecasters taking the Radar and Applications Course (RAC). Experienced forecasters not taking RAC can access some of the web pages, jobsheets, and WES-2 Bridge exercise videos through VLab to supplement system readiness, but managing the assignment of the materials is done locally by the training facilitator and not directly from the CLC.
      1. AWIPS 17.3.1 Convective Warning Fundamentals VLab web pages
        1. VLab applet containing web pages and embedded job sheets for AWIPS introduction
          1. CAVE Fundamentals, D2D Fundamentals, Radar,  Satellite, Surface Observations, Upper Air, Issued Products, Tools,  Applications
        2. Job sheet summary
      2. WES-2 Bridge exercise videos
        1. The WES-2 Bridge case and training can be requested and installed to support the student playing the video on WES and following along with the exact same steps.
        2. Youtube copies of the videos are available online (see video summary page) and could be viewed while next to an AWIPS workstation if machines support it.
          • CAVE Basics, Radar-Related Tools, Integrated Radar Environmental Sampling, FSI, Panel Combo Rotate and All Panel Sampling, WarnGen, FFMP, SCAN, SCAN DMD
      3. Proficiency Test
        • The proficiency test for RAC can be requested by the facilitator and can be used to organize locally assigned proficiency assignments (contact
      4. RAC Workshop Primer WES videos
        1. The step-by-step follow along severe/tornado/flash flood warning issuance integrating RAC applied performance drills and procedures could be used to supplement system readiness, though this is starting to enter more seasonal readiness territory.

3. System Readiness Curriculum

There are two curriculum in the CLC that local training facilitators can use to create a tailored system readiness curriculum:

  • FY19 AWIPS Warning-Related System Readiness Training - Full
    • all training since the migration to AWIPS-2
  • FY19 AWIPS Warning-Related System Readiness Training- New
    • just "new" training released in FY18 and FY19

The SOOs/DOHs have been provide three materials to guide AWIPS warning-related system readiness training:

  1. AWIPS Warning-Related System Readiness Training Questionnaire
    • forecaster questionnaire Google Doc
  2. AWIPS Warning-Related System Readiness Training Questionnaire Answer Key
    • facilitator answer key Google Doc
  3. AWIPS Warning-Related System Readiness Training (SRT) Aid
    • forecaster/facilitator coordination Google Doc