Dual-Pol References

WDTD Dual-Pol Flipchart

Dual-Pol Variables

  • Correlation Coefficient (CC): The product that helps distinguish precipitation from non-precipitation. These data values range from 0.0 to 1.05, but values of 0.9-1.0 are most likely for precipitation. This product helps determine if precipitation targets have the same shape and type (e.g., pure snow or rain) or if more of a mixture exists (e.g., rain and snow).

  • Differential Reflectivity (ZDR): The product that helps identify the dominant target shape. Spherical, randomly oriented targets (e.g., hail, debris, and snow) have values near 0 while horizontally elongated targets (e.g., medium to large rain drops) have larger positive values.

  • Specific Differential Phase (KDP): Product that identifies regions of heavy rain. The higher the values are, the more intense the rain will be even if hail is present.