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  • The HPN is a 1hr QPF of the HPE and Bias HPE products.
  • Essentially a linear extrapolation of precipitation echoes based off its own feature tracking.
  • One of the better 1hr QPF options available in AWIPS.

Refresher Commands:

  • Loading VB Rate - "No Backfill", 5 frames (see loading jobsheet above)
  • Loading VB 1hr QPF - "No Backfill", 2 frames (see loading jobsheet above)
  • Displaying in FFMP Table - Attributes button -> HPE Nowcast turns on split window
    • Duration = [1hr QPF] + [remaining hrs QPE]
  • Displaying in FFMP Basin Trends - Toggle on purple "guid" line, then toggle on orange "qpf" line with HPE Nowcast
  • Displaying HPE HPN from Scan Menu - SCAN->HPE-> QPF-> HPE Nowcast -> FFMP hpe HPE Nowcast Display
  • Displaying BHPE HPN from Scan Menu - SCAN->BHPE-> QPF-> BHPE Nowcast -> FFMP bhpe BHPE Nowcast Display

Usage Tips

  • Do not use HPN in FFMP table prior to 17.3.1 as ratios/diffs do not use combined QPE and QPF
  • Best used in steady-state situations like MCS.
  • Use 1hr QPF plots from SCAN menu or VB to visualize accumulations.
  • Use split window in FFMP Basin Table or "qpf" line in FFMP All-hours Basin Trend Graph to compare accumulations to FFG, valid 1hr in the future.


  • FFMP table does not correctly use QPF in ratio and diff calculations prior to 17.3.1.
  • Extrapolation does not factor in new convective development or handle intensification changes well.
  • Small errors in motion can have big consequences for 1hr QPF on basin-scale.


  • Jill.Hardy@noaa.gov