RAC AWIPS Convective Warning Fundamentals

The FY18 AWIPS Convective Warning Fundamentals Course is designed to support FY18 RAC. 

New: AWIPS Procedures Download and Warning Decision Making References - FY18 RAC References Page

Course Schedule

  • Oct 2, 2017 - Intro module and VLab training released (10-20 hrs)
  • Oct 26, 2017 - 17.1.1 WES-2 Bridge, WES exercises (transcripts and videos for reference), Proficiency Test releasd (5-6 hrs)
  • Nov 9, 2017 - recommended installation date for WES 17.1.1 to support Convective Storms drills and ILT online session
  • Dec 2017/Jan2018 - RAC Workshop Primer release (2-3hrs)
  • Jan 2018 - RAC References page will be updated with FY18 workshop procedures also used in Workshop Primer and link will be posted here
  • Jan-Mar 2018 - RAC workshops


Course Details 

(see "FY18 RAC: AWIPS 17.2.1 Convective Warning Fundamentals" in your CLC RAC curriculum)

1. AWIPS Convective Warning Fundamentals Intro (7min; released in CLC Oct 2, 2017)

  • RAC students log into the CLC and take this short intro presentation in your FY18 RAC: AWIPS 17.2.1 Convective Warning Fundamentals curriculum to understand how to take the course

2. AWIPS 17.2.1 Convective Warning Fundamentals VLab Training (10-20 hrs; released in VLab Oct 2, 2017)

  • Review web pages and practice with job sheets using specially designed AWIPS Convective Warning Fundamentals VLab applet (also available from the "Forecaster References" menu and "RAC AWIPS Fundamentals" submenu on top of page)
  • Job sheets requiring live AWIPS (e.g. RPG product submission and status monitor) or WES-2 Bridge (e.g. WarnGen) are noted in the training
  • After you complete AWIPS Fundamentals VLab sections (e.g. 8 pages with job sheets under CAVE Fundamentals in above figure), mark yourself complete in your FY18 RACAWIPS 17.2.1 Convective Warning Fundamentals curriculum from your transcript in the CLC.
  • Use live AWIPS build (17.1.1 or 17.2.1) or 17.1.1 or 17.2.1 WES-2 Bridge


3. WES-2 Bridge Exercises (4hrs; 17.1.1 WES-2 Bridge, Case, Fundamentals videos, and AWIPS Proficiency Test package released Oct 26, 2017)

  • WES Focal Point installs 17.1.1 WES-2 Bridge, case, and videos (takes a few hours)
  • Practice using AWIPS with step-by-step videos (see transcriptions page for text transcriptions and copies of the videos)
  • After you complete AWIPS Fundamentals WES Exercise groups (e.g. 5 videos under CAVE Basics), mark yourself complete in your FY18 RAC: AWIPS 17.2.1 Convective Warning Fundamentals curriculum from your transcript in the CLC. 
  • This release also contained the WES-2 Bridge exercises for the RAC Convective Storm Structure and Evolution: Applied Performance Drills (this is separate from the AWIPS Fundamentals Course).


4a. Review Proficiency Test Task List (PDF link to be updated Oct 26, 2017)

  • Review the task list PDF to assess if you are ready to take the proficiency test
  • Review the appropriate VLab pages, job sheets, or videos for tasks you are not prepared to demonstrate.


4b. Take Proficiency Test (1-2hrs; released with WES-2 Bridge Exercises Oct 26, 2017)

  • RAC Facilitator proctors timed exam and notes scores on tasks
  • RAC Facilitator sends scanned exam notes to Michael.A.Magsig@noaa.gov (or send via mail), and Mike marks you complete
  • Proficiency Test needs to be completed before coming to the workshop (ideally completed a month before the workshop) and before the Workshop Primer which is designed to be completed the week before the workshop (or as close to the workshop as possible).


5. RAC Workshop Primer WES Exercises (4 hours; release Dec 2017/early Jan 2018)

  • On 17.1.1 or 17.2.1 WES-2 Bridge follow along with videos that begin putting everything together to issue warnings with AWIPS procedures used in the workshop
  • Take this the week before the RAC workshop or as close to that as you can.

For any questions about completing AWIPS Fundamentals contact Mike Magsig at Michael.A.Magsig@noaa.gov or chat via the WDTB Chat (wdtbchat) room.