Tracking Meteogram

Fig. 1 Tracking meteogram tool loaded over satellite IR for two different storms A and B (see circle center and line legend).


Training Job Sheets (click on "html" for web page layout with image links or "PDF" for PDF viewing with images embedded with instruction) 

  • Jobsheets are extension of the "AWIPS Tracking Meteogram Tool Training" posted to (LMS - Internet, speaker notes PDF) in Feb 2016.
  • All Tracking Meteogram Jobsheets (htmlPDF)
    • Jobsheet 1: Track Cloud-Top Temperatures and Load Additional Meteograms (html, PDF)
    • Jobsheet 2: Create Meteograms From a Paired Radar Product (htmlPDF)
    • Jobsheet 3: Create Meteograms From Multiple Stacked Grid Images and Use Snap All Points to This Location (html,  PDF )
    • Jobsheet 4: Track Total Lightning Density Trends in Convective Storms (html, PDF)


  • Track circles with the tool to create time trend of radar, satellite, grid image, and total lightning density
    • Does not work with contours, wind barbs, station plots
  • Apply 8 math operators (max, min, sum, mean, median, standard deviation, range difference, and amplitude)
    • Range difference: absolute value of max difference (good for rotation and divergence delta Vs in radar)
    • Amplitude: max absolue value (good for damaging wind in base velocity data)
  • Tracking Meteogram draws a 100x100 grid box and samples the raw data (before AWIPS 16.1.2, 20x20 grid box and sampled pixels drawn on screen)

Refresher Commands

  • Loading - select Tracking Meteogram Tool from Tools menu
  • Change Circle Size - scroll wheel while mouse pointer is on circle
  • Configure Meteogram - right click on circle to launch configuration menu
  • Configure trend graph properties - right click on time trend 

Usage Tips

  • Avoid having circles extend outside of data domains (grid domains for high-res models in particular) as they can corrupt your calculations.


  • Breaks keyboard shortcuts like Del key on keypad for toggling radar
    • Workaround: click on time trend plot then click back on map editor to restore keyboard shortcuts
  • Does not work with All-Tilts
  • Cannot save in procedures and cannot save plot configuration changes


  • Stas Speransky at