Below is an outline of WES-2 Bridge Exercise videos associated with WDTD's FY18's AWIPS Fundamentals course.  Text transcripts (download and view in a text editor) as well as YouTube links with closed captions (only available on an internet-capable machine) are available for each video as reference for those with disabilities or as reference following practicing with these videos on WES-2 Bridge. The most important part of the training is to follow along with the same case and actually practice doing the tasks on WES-2 Bridge, so this page is not where RAC students take the training (only for reference)! Accompanying reference material for the entire course can be found at the RAC AWIPS Fundamentals page.

  1. Getting Started
  2. W2B Exercise 1: CAVE Basics
  3. W2B Exercise 2: D2D Radar-Related Tools
  4. W2B Exercise 3: D2D Integrated Radar Environmental Sampling
  5. W2B Exercise 4: D2D Four-Dimensional Stormcell Investigator Basics
  6. W2B Exercise 5: D2D Panel Combo Rotate and All Panel Sampling
  7. W2B Exercise 6: D2D WarnGen
  8. W2B Exercise 7: D2D Flash Flood Monitoring and Prediction
  9. W2B Exercise 8: D2D System for Convection Analysis and Nowcasting
  10. W2B Exercise 9: D2D SCAN Digital Mesocyclone Detection