Quick Guide Applications Matrix

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Single Band Application Quick Guides

Band # Central Wavelength Nickname Burn Scars Cirrus and Contrails Cloud Heights Cloud Phase Clouds (water) over Ice Clouds over Land Clouds over Water Convection - MCS Decay Convection - New Cells Dust Extratropical Cyclone Fires Flooding Fog Ice Cover Saturated Soils Skin Temperature Smoke Snow Cover Tropical Cyclone Tropopause Fold Turbulence Volcanic Eruption
1 0.47 µm Blue Visible Band                             X       X          
2 0.64 µm Red Visible Band           X     X X       X       X X X     X
3 0.86 µm Veggie Band X           X   X       X                    
4 1.37 µm Cirrus Band    X X             X                          
5 1.61 µm Snow/Ice Band       X X             X             X        
6 2.24 µm Cloud Particle Size Band       X X             X                      
7 3.90 µm Shortwave Infrared                       X   X           X      
8 6.19 µm Upper-Level Water Vapor                     X                   X X  
9 6.9 µm Mid-Level Water Vapor                     X                     X  
10 7.34 µm Lower-Level Water Vapor     X               X                   X X X
11 8.5 µm IR Cloud Top Phase Band                   X                         X
12 9.6 µm Ozone Band                                         ? ?  
13 10.35 µm Clean Window IR       X X   X X X X X     X X X X     X   X  
14 11.2 µm Legacy Window IR       X X   X X X X X     X X X X     X   X  
15 12.3 µm Dirty Window IR       X X                   X                
16 13.3 µm CO2 Longwave   X X