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QPE - Radar Only

QPE - Radar Only

Short Description

Precipitation accumulations derived from the summation of the Surface Precipitation Rate (SPR) product over a specified time interval.


  • 1-, 3-, 6-, 12-, 24-, 48-, and 72-hour accumulations

Primary Users


Input Sources

Surface Precipitation Rate


Spatial resolution: 1km x 1km

Temporal resolution: The 1-hour accumulation field is updated every 2 minutes. The 3-, 6-, 12-, 24-, 48-, and 72-hourly accumulations are updated hourly at the top of the hour. All products end at the indicated time.

Product Creation

NOTE: As of Spring 2020, the MRMS Version 11.5 data is still what is operationally-supported. Version 12 data is available via LDM, set up manually at each site. Be aware that the Version 12 QPEs are based on a new Surface Precip Rate (SPR) algorithm that includes Dual-Pol rainfall relationships and an evaporation correction. The calculation of this product has not changed, but the outputs may be significantly different. Please refer to the Version 11.5 and Version 12 SPR pages for more information.


The one-hour QPE – Radar Only product is an aggregation of the Surface Precipitation Rate (SPR) field, which is updated every 2 minutes. The SPR fields from the previous 60 minutes are summed to create the QPE – Radar Only field, with the product ending at the indicated time. For instance, a QPE – Radar Only field that is valid at 15:04Z is a summation of SPR fields from 14:04Z, 14:06Z, 14:08Z …to 15:04Z. Values at or below 0.01 inches are removed to reduce the areal coverage of what is most likely false light precipitation.

Longer accumulations (3-, 6-, 12-, 24-hourly) are summations of the one-hour fields, updated at the top of the hour. The 48- and 72-hour accumulations are summations of the 24-hour fields, updated daily at 12Z.

Technical Details

Latest update: MRMS Version 11.5 & 12

Accessible on: operational AWIPS

  • V11.5 -- MRMS menu
  • V12 -- via LDM, if set-up

MRMS Development site


Zhang, J., K. Howard, S. Vasiloff, C. Langston, B. Kaney, Y. Qi, L. Tang, H. Grams, D. Kitzmiller, J. Levit, 2014: Initial Operating Capabilities of Quantitative Precipitation Estimation in the Multi-Radar Multi-Sensor System. 28th Conf. on Hydrology, Amer. Meteor. Soc.

Other MRMS product documentation: Surface Precipitation Rate