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Products Guide

MRMS Products Guide

This guide is a webpage library of MRMS products categorized into collapsible left menu groups ranging from reflectivity to derived severe weather and precipitation. By clicking on a product, a user can find overview information, strengths and limitations, and applications (including examples).

  • Overview:
    • Short Description - the nature of the product
    • Sub Products - all products sharing the same title category
    • Primary Users - users expected to benefit from this product
    • Input Sources - important sources needed to generate this product
    • Resolution - important parameters of spatial resolution
    • Technical Details - latest update; where the product is accessible
    • Product Creation - short description of how the product is generated
    • References - most important technical literature on this product
  • Strengths and Limitations:
    • Strengths - advantages of this product
    • Limitations - disadvantages of this product
    • Quality Control - a short description of steps to improve the quality of this product
  • Applications and Examples - A page describing how this product is useful while also showing example images